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Since Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Putin (born in 1952) has presided over Russia as either its president or prime minister for more than two decades. Territorial conflicts in Eastern Europe, liberal economic reform, restrictions on political liberties, and a cult of personality centered on Putin’s image as a “action man” have all been features of his tenure in office.
Putin has led a life of contrasts away from the spotlight; he grew up in poverty in 1950s and 1960s St. Petersburg but now resides in a rural castle complex valued at more than $1 billion. His personality also exhibits comparable contrasts. Putin claims to be a cunning black belt and served as a KGB officer during the Cold War.
Other people adore him, some people despise him, and some people are unsure of how to feel about him. There have been numerous political discussions about Russia and among Russian journalists that have centered on Vladimir Putin. He is renowned for espousing political views that are in opposition to those of the West and for meticulously constructing a macho daredevil persona. Whatever the case may be, you might find the following information on Vladimir Putin to be intriguing.

1. He grew up in poverty

At age 17, Putin’s parents wed. A grenade during World War Two damaged and eventually paralyzed his father, while his mother was detained and nearly starved to death during the Leningrad Siege. Viktor and Albert, two brothers who passed away during the Siege of Leningrad and infancy, respectively, preceded the birth of Putin in October 1952.
Putin’s mother cleaned test tubes and swept streets after the war, while his father went to work in a factory. Several other families and the family shared an apartment. There were a lot of rats and allegedly no hot water.

2. He was not a model student

Putin was chosen to attend Leningrad School No. 281, which only admitted the best students from the city, in the ninth grade. Putin’s gradebook was purportedly later discovered by a Russian newspaper. According to the report, Putin “throws chalkboard erasers at the kids,” “doesn’t finish his math homework,” “behaves badly during singing class,” and “talks in class.” He was also caught passing notes, and he frequently got into arguments with the gym teacher and older students.
He had an interest in a career with the KGB while still in school. He applied to law school in an effort to increase his chances of being chosen after learning that the organization didn’t accept volunteers and instead hand-selected its members. He received his degree from Leningrad State University in 1975.

3. He has reportedly broken records in Judo

Vladimir Putin has a 9th degree black belt, Chuck Norris has an 8th degree.

He began boxing at the age of 12, then pursued judo, karate, and sambo, a Soviet martial art.
Putin is renowned for encouraging Russians to lead active lifestyles and to stay in shape. He is also known for promoting a variety of sports, such as cycling, skiing, badminton, and fishing. Putin is a skilled martial artist and has a ton of sporting experience. When he was a teenager, he began training in sambo before switching to judo. He trains in karate as well. He took part in and excelled in sambo and judo contests in Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg.
Putin continued on to obtain his ninth degree after completing the eighth. The Russian leader was presented with a ninth-degree black belt, which puts him one level above Chuck Norris, during his visit to South Korea by the head of the World Taekwondo Federation. Putin, on the other hand, remarked, “let’s call it our campaign to popularize this wonderful martial art. Russia will do its best to contribute to its popularity at home”.

4. He joined the KGB

For 16 years Putin worked as an officer in the KGB (the Committee for State Security), spying for the secret police agency in East Germany between 1975 and 1991.

After earning his legal degree, Putin accepted a career in administration with the KGB. Under the alias “Platov,” he attended the KGB’s foreign intelligence institute in Moscow. He spent 15 years working for the KGB, traversing all of Russia, before being transferred to Dresden, East Germany, in 1985. He advanced through the KGB’s ranks until he attained the rank of lieutenant colonel.
Putin joined the KGB in 1975, serving in the Second Chief Directorate following training before being transferred to the First Chief Directorate, where he kept an eye on a number of foreigners and diplomatic staff in Saint Petersburg. He worked at Saint Petersburg State University’s International Affairs department after the communist East German government fell, where he kept an eye on the student population and hunted for fresh KGB recruits.
The Berlin Wall did, however, fall in 1989. Putin departed the KGB two years after the Soviet Union fell apart. But Putin’s interactions with the KGB were not to end there; in 1998, he was made the leader of the FSB, a new KGB.

5. After the KGB, he started his career in politics

He briefly held a position at Leningrad State University after his time with the KGB before entering politics. As a result of his sterling performance, he was given the title of Deputy Mayor by Anatoly Sobchak in 1994. Putin relocated to Moscow and joined the presidential staff once his term as mayor ended. In 1998, he was hired as a deputy head of management. In 1999, he was elevated to prime minister after taking over as head of the federal security service.
Boris Yeltsin, who was president at the time, resigned shortly before the year 2000 and named Vladimir Putin as acting leader. The opposition to Yeltsin had been getting ready for an election in June 2000. However, as a result of his resignation, the presidential elections were held sooner. March 1 Putin received 53% of the vote there and triumphed in the first round. He took office on May 7, 2000.

6. He loves the Beatles

Putin was the subject of a portrait by British photographer Platon in 2007 for Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” issue. I’m a big Beatles fan,” Platon said to start a conversation. Do you? Then he recalled Putin saying, “I adore the Beatles! He revealed that Yesterday was his favorite song.

7. He owns a palace in a forest

The expansive residence of Vladimir Putin, sometimes known as “Putin’s Palace,” is an Italianate palace complex situated in the Russian region of Krasnodar Krai on the Black Sea coast. The complex includes a main residence with a nearly 18,000m2 floor area, an arboretum, a greenhouse, a helicopter, an ice palace, a chapel, an amphitheatre, a guest house, a fuel station, an 80m bridge, and a special tunnel with a tasting room inside the mountain.
There are about a dozen guest rooms as well as a swimming pool, spa, saunas, Turkish baths, shops, a warehouse, a reading room, a music lounge, a hookah bar, a theater and a movie theater. The size of the master bedroom is 260 m2. The anticipated price of the construction is $100 billion.

8. He has at least two children

In 1983, Putin wed Lyudmila Shkrebneva. Maria and Katerina, the couple’s two daughters, are rarely mentioned by Putin and have never been seen by Russians. The couple announced their divorce in 2013 on mutual grounds, claiming they weren’t spending enough time together.
Putin denies the allegations made by foreign tabloids that he fathered at least one child with a “former rhythmic gymnastics champion turned lawmaker.”

9. He has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize twice

Putin, who is friendly with Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, presumably convinced Assad to choose a peaceful arms transfer over the alternative of an aggressive invasion. He received a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 because of this.
Additionally, he was put forward for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination was purportedly made by renowned Russian author and public personality Sergey Komkov rather than the Kremlin.\

10. He loves animals

Putin has several dogs as pets, and he apparently enjoys having his picture taken with various animals. The numerous photos of Putin with animals can be roughly categorized into three groups: a devoted pet owner with his numerous dogs; an impressive animal handler with horses, bears, and tigers; and the rescuer of vulnerable species like Siberian cranes and Siberian bears.
He also works to get laws passed that would better protect animals, like one that forbids petting zoos in restaurants and shopping centers, outlaws killing stray animals, and mandates that pets be given the care they need.


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