12 Years to Disaster? How Climate Activists Distort the Evidence

Image: Blame oil for the world populating to 8 billion

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In the video below: The “Estimate of Anthropogenic Warming ..” – graph used in the video from around the time stamp 6 minutes, is FAKE! There’s no natural warming after 1998 according to unadjusted, empirical real world measurements, how big part of ZERO warming are humans responsible for?

Also in the video, again climate and the environment is mixed as if it is the same …

R. J. L.

Video: ReasonTV

Researchers Foresee Weak Solar Cycles Until 2050… “Unwelcome Meteorological And Climatic Consequences”!

Corrupt EPA stacks CASAC panel with agency grant cronies; Chair is top agency grant crony

One fact most people agree on, when the earth warms, the Arctic and Antarctic is where the actual temperature increase occur. In the Arctic there has been no warming in 60 years, and in Antarctica ..:

Antarctica is suffering a near-record breaking winter — 10C colder than usual

The Blackout Agenda: Fossil fuels ‘being attacked by foolish green children having climate nightmares because of global warming scare stories spread by power-hungry schemers’

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