1936: The Most Extreme Year

Image: Torrential rains flood Tennessee, killing four in Nashville

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Video: Tony Heller
Climate alarmists want people to believe that the weather was better when CO2 levels were lower, but history shows the exact opposite.


Another Media Outlet Caught Peddling Extreme Weather Tales

The Science Against Human Caused Carbon Dioxide Warming

It’s Official: Greenland Has Not Warmed Since 2001: The Recent Sharp Warming Lasted From 1981-2000

The American Petroleum Institute did what? Because climate?

Antarctic Sea Ice Grows 2 Million Sq. Km – Area As Big As Saudi Arabia. And: Hamburg Spring Arriving Later…

UK Brexits Global Warming, Has Been Cooling Off Since Long Before Greta Was Born

Man Made Global Warming doesn’t exist in the real world, but that doesn’t stop the criminals from implementing policies and taxation on the rest of us. In short criminals doesn’t care about laws or what people think .. That is the reason they installed an old, senile impostor in the White House after having stolen the election which President Trump won, as we have known all along.

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President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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