You should be aware that some Chinese foods can be unhealthy for you. Researchers have discovered synthetic rice, for starters. China exports a variety of items in large quantities. Sadly, they occasionally employ methods designed to shorten the production process or increase sales. When it comes to product quality, this is not good! Additionally, some produce is harmed by the numerous pesticides and herbicides utilized. Eat none of these twenty or more imported Chinese foods.


A potent pesticide is used in several regions of China. Even harvested watermelons that grew too quickly have exploded. They become extremely poisonous due to the herbicide. To guarantee that your produce is both fresh and safe for consumption, we strongly advise purchasing local.

Apple Juice

One of the world’s major manufacturers of apple juice is China. But it also employs the most pesticides. Be careful; occasionally, the apple juice they offer contains dangerous poisons in addition to sugar.


The cultivation of cod is not all that superior to that of tilapia. The fish move through trash-filled water and consume whatever they come across. Naturally, ingesting them would not be beneficial to your health.

Rice Noodles

Noodles can occasionally be made to look fresh by using sulfur dioxide. Though it could be more aesthetically pleasing to observe, remember that sulphur dioxide is not only harmful but also carcinogenic. Yikes.


A Radio-Canada article from the beginning of 2013 claimed that some vendors were marketing rats as lambs! Following this incident, the authorities detained 900 suspects. Additionally, 20,000 tons of rat meat were seized.


According to the website Voyage-Chine, beef costs twice as much as pork in China. Many businesses simply add food additives based on borax to the pork to make it appear to be beef in an effort to save money. The food additive is an effective insecticide that has no place in your digestive system.


Before the seasoning gets to your plates, they spray chemicals on fields of garlic. Choosing Canadian garlic over Chinese garlic is a far better choice. Trust us, there is a significant difference.


Food inspectors have often found tainted mushrooms that originate in China. It would be a good idea to investigate their origins before adding them to the basket on your subsequent supermarket run.

Plastic Rice

What exactly is the plastic rice that was described at the outset? The most crucial detail to be aware of is that its base is composed of potatoes and synthetic resin. It may cause cancer in you.


Six children died from melanin-containing milk, and 300,000 more became intoxicated as a result. A total of 230 tons of milk were illegally imported to increase the protein content. Your kidneys suffer a great deal from melanin.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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