Varney: Socialism lost last night in Britain and America

Image: Boris Johnson And Conservatives Win Big In UK Election

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But, there’s always a “but” – for us who saw his victory speech, there’s a great cause for concern. In his speech he listed several things that now will be receiving more money, like schools and infrastructure etc.

And here’s the problem, he also pledged to reduce “carbon” emission by 50% before 2030 (or was it “carbon-neutral” before 2050? I read too much and don’t care enough to watch the speech again). Anyway, the point is, that means he is just as corrupt as the socialist that lost the election, and by implementing this “green” (socialist) agenda, he basically admitting to be a socialist, not a capitalist.


R. J. L.

By FOX Business 

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney argues Boris Johnson’s capitalist win in the U.K. election is a win for America too.


Corbyn Will Not Stand as Leader at Next Election After Crushing Defeat


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