The Amazing Scientific Accuracy of Job: Episode 1 of 7

Image: Job, God Planned a Happy Ending from the Beginning!

One of the most read and discussed biblical passages is the Book of Job. Job is hailed as a classic of ancient literature by biblical scholars, historians, philosophers, and even psychologists.
Job is “magnificent,” according to Martin Luther, unlike any other book of the Bible. Job is the most sublime monument in literature, not only of written language, but also of philosophy and poetry, and the most sublime monument of the human soul, according to an influential French writer, poet, and politician of the 18th century. One scholar from the 20th century called the author “The Shakespeare of the Old Testament.” “Look at these three performers who represent everything in the Great Eternal Drama: God, humanity, and destiny.

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As with any great work of literature, the biblical book of Job transcends. The book of Job is most commonly known as the account of a man’s quest to comprehend divine justice. The story begins by establishing the protagonist as a man of unmatched piety. He is described as a man who “fear[ed] God and avoided evil,” and was “perfect and upright.”
Job, who is blameless, is brought before one of God’s divine assistants, a being known as the Accuser, in a heavenly court. The accuser notes that Job is pious precisely because God has never allowed any harm to come to him and wagers that if some disaster befell the man, he would turn on the diety and curse his name.
God permits the supernatural creature to devastate Job, depriving him of all his possessions and property, killing his 10 children, and covering his body in excruciating boils.

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