#4 Most CHILLING Ends of Famous Leaders – PHARAOH Ramesses III


Ramesses III had by far one of the worst endings of any Egyptian king. Recent studies on his mummy have shown that he was killed by multiple assailants, not just one. In fact, evidence from his mummified corpse indicates that he was attacked by numerous individuals using various weapons and attacking him from all directions.


Recent body imaging revealed that the Pharaoh’s big toe was apparently amputated in addition to having his neck slit. His injuries may have been concealed by embalmers so that the Egyptian people were unaware of how terribly and brutally he was slaughtered and tortured, according to researchers.
Here are some quick facts about Ramesses III.

Between 1186 to 1155 B.C., he ruled Egypt during the new kingdom era. One of his wives, Taiye, was thought to have planned his murder so that her son Pentawere might take the throne. Servants, government agents, royal family members, and everyone else who supported the pharaoh’s wife were all parties to the scheme.
Unfortunately for his wife, she also had a bad outcome. A group of insane assassins who had just beat and stabbed Ramesses III were all apprehended by those in positions of authority. The co-conspirators were subsequently put to death, including his wife, her son who was intended to be pharaoh, and all of them.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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