40-Year Meteorologist Rejects Warming The Cause Of Brutal Cold Snaps! And: La Nina Conditions Over Entire 2018

Image: Y2Kyoto: End Of Snow

At his latest Weatherbell Analytics Saturday Summary, 40-year veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi lays out what’s behind the next brutal blast of cold and snow that’s coming to North America over the next weeks:

Temperature anomaly forecast for February 7 – 12, 2018, for North America. Chart: NCEP.

It’s due to naturally occurring cycles, he says.

Yet, as the cold approaches, global warming activists are now feverishly scrambling to blame it on “global warming” in a desperate bid to dampen the embarrassment of their earlier predictions of balmy, snowless winters. They insist that the cold shots are due to global warming disrupting weather patterns.

But Bastardi dismisses the far-fetched, highly imaginative claims, hinting for quite some time that it is mostly politically motivated and a load of nonsense. In his Saturday Summary video the seasoned meteorologist reminds viewers that this has all happened before and is driven by naturally occurring patterns involving ocean surface temperatures and solar activity. It’s all been seen before.

Seasonal forecasters rely on natural cycles, not global warming

Bastardi also has knocked the alarmists on many occasions for not being able to put out a forecast beforehand, and waiting until after-the-fact to sound off. By ignoring global warming, and instead using natural oceanic and atmospheric cycles, Bastardi had warned weeks and weeks earlier that North America would be hit by severe cold and heavy snow this winter and early spring. “It’s all natural,” he says.

Veteran former NOAA meteorologist David Dilley of Global Weather Oscillations also uses a similar technique of natural oscillations to predict hurricane seasons well in advance. Both say global warming is not a way to forecast a season’s weather.

Doesn’t “believe at all” globe entering a new little ice age

Unlike a number of scientists, Bastardi does not believe the globe is entering a “little ice age” a period of cooling. He feels solar activity over the past 150 years has been too high for too long, and so the accumulated heat will need a lot more time to dissipate before a real cooling period takes hold.

To explain his point, Bastardi shows a chart, but one that is not up to date and thus fails to show the current low activity solar cycle 24. Solar activity has been low for over 10 years. The next 10 years are also expected to see low activity. When using solar activity as an indicator, the cooling of the Dalton Minimum occurred almost immediately. So the debate surrounding the lag will likely remain very much alive.

La Nina now projected to extend throughout entire 2018

Meanwhile New Zealand meteorologist Ben Noll at Twitter commented that the La Nina forecast has been revised and now shows weak La Nina conditions persisting throughout the entire 2018 year:

That likely means that global warming will remained stalled yet another year. After that solar activity will be close to zero, and so things are going to get even far more desperate for the warmist activists.

Ref.: http://notrickszone.com/#sthash.B7esXNwd.dpbs

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