#5 Most CHILLING Ends of Famous Leaders – JOAN OF ARC

Peasant Joan of Arc was raised in a French village and was illiterate. Even though she lacked formal education, she insisted that she had had visions of Saints Michael, Margaret of Antioch, and Catherine of Alexandria.
When she was 13 years old, the little girl claimed she started hearing voices in her head. The saints were advising him that Charles VII should be recognized as France’s legitimate ruler.

Even for the 1400s, everything was incredibly weird. Charles needed to be persuaded to let Joan fight. She then assumed leadership roles in the French Army while dressing as a male. After liberating Orleans, defeating the English, and crowning Charles VII as king, Joan’s fortunes swiftly fell apart when she was unable to free Paris.
She and the Duke of Burgundy were taken prisoner by the English on May 23, 1430, and she was imprisoned for more than a year. She was put on trial and accused of performing witchcraft, masquerading like a man, breaking divine law, and heresy.
She was put on trial on January 9th, 1431.
No event during the medieval centuries generated a greater international sensation, according to Daniel Hobbins, the author of the book on Joan of Arc’s trial.
The largest public spectacle to ever take place in Europe. Unfortunately, Joan’s trial did not go well. She was declared a nasty creature at her hearing and convicted guilty. She was given the command to perish in cleansing flames.
In a contract she signed on May 24, Joan promised to stop dressing like a man if her death sentence was commuted to life in prison. However, it appears that Joan heard the voices again because she dressed like a man once more. Her relapse, according to the trial master, established her heresy. She was also burned at the stake on May 30.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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