#9 Most CHILLING Ends of Famous Leaders

The Story Of King Adolf Frederick And How He Ate Himself To Death

Records show that he overindulged on food on Tuesday and never fully recovered.
He ruled Sweden during what historians refer to as “The Age of Liberty,” a time when the nation was having a fairly stable period of peace and when its population were only beginning to enjoy civil rights.
The first such statute promoting press freedom was enacted by the Swedish Parliament in 1776. And despite all the amazing events that occurred under his presidency, such as the expansion of information freedom, he is best remembered for his ominous and premature demise.

To prepare for the Lenten season in the 18th century, it was customary to eat a lot of food.
In order to prepare for Lent, it was customary in the 18th century to consume a lot of the tastiest foods. Adolf stuffed his face on February 12 and sat down. He consumed boiling flesh, sauerkraut, turnips, caviar, lobster, sausages, and sauerkraut. This hearty meal would have been plenty to satisfy a whole platoon of soldiers.
He drank a bottle of champagne after dinner and had semlas for dessert. Semlas, a type of traditional Swedish pastry, were once made with wheat flour and filled with hot cream and almond paste. But he had 14, not just one. He was prepared to die because this was his last meal.
The beef, lobster, and wheat were all difficult for him to digest. Adolf’s leadership brought the time of freedom to an end when he gave in to fat.
The freedom of the press was abolished with the accession of his own son, Gustav III, to the throne. Gustav III was shot to death by an assassin.


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