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A 639-year-long John Cage organ piece had a very rare chord change. And it was quite an event.

A single organ chord that had been kept for 2,527 days changed on a Saturday in the year 2020 in Germany, and it was kind of a huge event.
John Cage composed the keyboard piece Organ2/ASLSP, “As Slow as Possible,” in the middle of the 1980s. Eight pages of music make up the score, which should be performed at the piano or organ extremely slowly.

Cage didn’t include a tempo indication in his original score despite the fact that a normal performance would frequently run an hour. Unusual music fans were naturally faced with a challenge: how could this composition be played as slowly as possible? ’

This composition has been played by several pianists and organists in marathon performances lasting up to and past 12 hours.

St. Burchardi Church, Halberstad performance

An ambitious group of artists with plenty of free time started working on a particularly constructed organ at St. Burchardi Church in Halberstadt, Germany, in 2001.
Their performance of “As Slow as Possible” is expected to last 639 years and conclude in the year 2640 to, hopefully, thunderous acclaim.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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