A Manufactured Disaster

Image: The Tories’ wind power delusion

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Most people doesn’t understand, “Green” electrical energy doesn’t come in addition to or instead of real electrical energy, it comes on top of (like cancer), making everything more expensive.

Of course, politicians, in addition to being corrupt doesn’t understand that either. They opt to phase out the real electrical energy production, the electrical energy that is actually running everything, including the “Green” BS!

The result is first, or as times goes by very expensive electrical energy, then comes the shutting down of real electrical energy making the grid unstable where you risk black outs and power outages when only the “Green” (wind and solar) is running the show.

You can’t have better documentation of the fact that socialists (regardless of color) just don’t understand (much)!

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
Western governments are developing energy policy based on the misguided rantings of children, instead of listening to the people who have been providing the energy for well over 100 years


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