A New Climate Prophet

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Video: Tony Heller
Prophets of doom have been the scourge of humanity throughout history. And a new one has emerged

Lomborg criticizes medical journals for alarm about climate change

Danish scientist Bjorn Lomborg has reacted sharply on the claim of over 200 medical journals, earlier this month, that there are significant health risks to any temperature rise. He concludes that there are very basic mistakes underlying the alarmist claims and send the following letter to the editor of The Lancet, one of the journals involved. Lomborg posted his letter on twitter.

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Bjorn Lomborg: ‘Warming saves 166,000 lives each year. But a climate-alarmist blog doesn’t want you to know — they are helping Facebook block this information’

If Bjorn Lomborg was a real scientist he would have known .. there’s been no temperature increase over the last 23 years, according to Dr Roy Spencer – So, how can a temperature increase that doesn’t exist save 166,000 lives each year? See, not a scientist!

Study: Extreme Decadal Wind Variability Adds Uncertainty to Climate Predictions

John Kerry’s ketchup heiress wife has millions of dollars in Chinese investments, leaving Biden’s climate envoy facing an ethical dilemma

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