A NEW INVASION: Shock UN agreement grants thousands of migrants FREE ACCESS to scores of countries – IS YOURS ONE

HUNDREDS of thousands of refugees will be granted free access to 50 countries as the global political community agrees to share the burden of the migrant crisis.

The groundbreaking decision, made at the ongoing UN summit in New York, saw scores of nations agree to take a percentage of 360,000 refugees earmarked for resettlement.

This is double the number allowed to enter nations worldwide last year.

Romania, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, France and Luxembourg agreed to take a staggering ten times the amount of refugees they accepted in 2015.

Countries have also collectively granted £3.4billion in financial contributions to UN appeals and other humanitarian organisations.

The US President said: “This is a test of our international system where all nations ought to share in our collective responsibilities, because the vast majority of refugees are hosted by just 10 countries.

“We must recognise


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