‘A sea of misery of biblical proportions’

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By Patricia McCarthy – American Thinker

“A sea of misery of biblical proportions” is how Steve Bannon described the humanitarian crisis on the southern border.

Within hours of his inauguration, President Biden stopped the building of the border wall and made it clear to all comers around the world that our border is open.  He invited all those migrants who have arrived from all over the world to enter what the left swears is an irreparably racist nation.  Hmmm.

The nearly twenty thousand Haitians now baking in the Texas sun were invited, too.  More are said to be on their way.  Babies are being born in what is a nightmare of “Bidenvilles,” our very own refugee camps with all the filth and hunger that implies.

Most of those stranded there paid the cartels thousands of dollars to get here; the women and girls are routinely sexually abused on the journey and in the camps.  Over a million people, 200K per month, have entered the U.S. since Biden took office; who knows how many escaped notice, the “gotaways”?

As press secretary Jennifer Psaki confirmed, these migrants are not tested for COVID, nor are they required to be vaxxed.  The American citizens of Del Rio, the Texan town under siege, are quarantined if they test positive, but the illegal aliens are free to spread out into the interior of the country at taxpayer expense.  The same goes for the soon-to-be hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees who are being brought here unvetted, unvaxxed, un-COVID-tested.  They are bringing diseases long ago eradicated here in the U.S.

There are hardly words to adequately describe the damage done to America since Biden took office, both here and among our soon-to-be former allies.  It sure seems as though he is doing China’s bidding.  He gave up Bagram Airfield, one of the largest and most important for American security, and left $90B’s worth of high-tech weaponry to the Taliban thus, creating the biggest and best-armed terrorist state on the planet.

He may have committed treason with those ill-conceived moves as well as by opening the border.  What does Blinken care about?  If the Taliban government will be “inclusive and diverse.”

It seems as though every member of this administration is both malevolent and incompetent, a lethal combination of character traits.  Biden, Harris, Blinken, Sullivan, Mayorkas, et al. are all mediocrities who have no business running anything, let alone the U.S.  Between the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Mogadishu on the border, they all have much blood on their hands.  And having promoted the Camp-of-the-Saints invasion on the southern border and the complete takeover of it by the drug cartels, they are responsible, too, for the flood of Chinese-made fentanyl that is killing millions of Americans and the horrific abuse suffered by those girls and women who embark on the journey.  Again, these people are truly malevolent and incompetent.  They do not care about the lives they are destroying, those who have come hoping for permanent residence in the U.S., and those whose towns and cities are being overrun by migrants determined to stay no matter what crimes they may feel entitled to commit.

“When one with honeyed words but evil mind
Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.”

The damage done to this country from the moment Biden took office is too terrible to contemplate.  He has purposefully ended the energy independence Trump had achieved.  He ended the sanctions on Russia re: Nord Stream.  He has encouraged migrants from all over the world to come; no COVID conditions are required or noted, no vetting.  The border is a free-for-all nightmare for those being overrun and for the migrants themselves.  Women are giving birth in the most unsanitary conditions imaginable.  Biden wants amnesty for them all upon entry.

Biden is by design importing what the left believes will be a permanent Democrat voting bloc.

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