Actor James Woods Exposes the Left’s Degeneracy in One Brilliant Tweet

What has happened to the Democratic Party?

The party that once stood for the American working class has been hijacked by a radical group of violent leftist Commies, pushing fringe social issues and shoving politically correct filth down the throats of Americans.

This is why the Democrats keep on losing.

They’ve lost touch with middle America and allowed unhinged celebrities, Islamic radicals pushing Sharia law, and “gender confused” people run the show.

They have no message, no leadership, and no solutions.

Actor James Woods summed up the Democrat party best in just one simple tweet.


What happened to the Democratic Party in two words: The Clintons!
The low moral, the lawlessness, the low standards, the crimes, the scandals, the endless lies, no accountability and no consequences, slowly corrupting everything they came near, including the media .. For decades.

That’s all.

What’s left is, like the article said, unhinged celebrities, Islamic radicals pushing Sharia law, “gender confused” people AND criminals.


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