Al-Qaeda Calls for ‘Stoning’ People In Qatar Because of ‘Pornographic’ World Cup ‘Invasion’

Holding the World Cup in the predominately Muslim country of Qatar has resulted in cultural conflicts and threats of violence.
From banning alcohol sales at game venues, to comments by the Qatar World Cup Ambassador, to allegations of labor abuses, the international event is fraught with controversy.

Now, terrorist organization Al-Qaeda  has called for a jihad against visitors, even suggesting Muslims should stone attendees.  Additionally, they have called for Muslims to not attend the event.

Translation: #AlQaeda calls for a boycott of the world cup at #Qatar , “About the pornographic campaign against the Mohamed peninsula” accusing the Gulf countries of “working in the pay of the crusaders to keep Muslims away from the peninsula of their Muslim faith.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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