Al Sharpton’s Anti-Trump Inaugural March Just Turned Into A MASSIVE HUMILIATION For Him…

Could it be that “slim shady Sharpton” along with the current White House resident Barack Obama are having trouble staying relevant?

No doubt Obama is still the president, and can still create mischief before leaving the White House, however for Sharpton it’s beginning to look like, not even a Tawana Brawley hoax can rally the troops in protesting President-elect Trumps coming out party.

Sharpton apparently scheduled his “We Shall Not Be Moved” march to coincide on Martin Luther King Day, and just 5-days before the actual festivities on January 20th which may have been an omen, in that the Reverend King was all about bringing people together, not tearing them apart.

At issue is a rival event the “Women’s March on Washington,” also scheduled within the same time period as “slim shady Sharpton’s,” which so far has fewer then 1,000 people on Facebook showing any interest in attending.

Contrast that with the 175,000 RSVPs, already received by the woman’s group, and a potential 250,000 additional, and one can easily understand Sharpton’s dilemma.

Moreover the two key organizers for the woman’s event are former employees of Sharpton’s National Action Network, the so-called civil-rights nonprofit scam “slim shady” founded back in 1991.

The conflict in scheduling puts out-of-town activists in a bind, in that the two demonstrations are only about a week apart, thus forcing them to choose between the two, and so far Sharpton is losing, big time, with some estimates suggesting  a 175 to 1 ratio of folks abandoning  “slim-shady.”

Also the Women’s March is expected to draw a more diverse group of people and draw from the same core group who support Sharpton and perhaps view the woman’s march as more inclusive, and perhaps less divisive which perhaps is the reason for a large sponsor base of support from over 150 organizations around country, including NAACP, the SEIU,, the Human Rights Campaign United We Dream, Voto Latino, and others

Many of these groups have at one time or another partnered with Sharpton’s National Action Network.

Do you think Al Sharpton is a shameless race-baiter who does far more harm than good?




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