American on Singapore flight found guilty of slapping cabin crew – but cleared over bomb threat

File photo: A Singapore Airlines plane plies along the tarmac of Singapore Changi Airport in Singapore (AFP via Getty Images)

Criminal charges over bomb threat dropped on considering expert assessment of accused’s mental health
An American citizen accused of inciting fear on a Singapore Airlines flight by pretending to be a bomb and causing authorities to scramble fighter jets was given a four-week prison sentence on Friday, but only for slapping a crew member.
La Andy Hien Duc admitted to the accusation on Singapore Airlines aircraft SQ33 that took out from San Francisco to Singapore on September 28 and was later found guilty of inflicting harm on a member of the cabin crew.
Duc said that he struck the cabin crew member as they attempted to hold him back.
Authorities dismissed the criminal charges against the 37-year-old for making the bomb threat after reviewing a mental health expert’s evaluation.
Schizophrenia has been determined to be the man’s condition, his attorney Johannes Hadi told the court.


by: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter
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