Americans Find and KILL a Muslim Terrorists Who Slaughtered 148 Christians

Muslim terrorist, Mohamed Kuno, who slaughtered 148 Christians in Kenya, has been recently located and KILLED by U.S. forces.


The al-Shabaab leader responsible for planning an attack that killed 148 Christians in Kenya was hit in a U.S. air strike Friday.

Mohamed Dulyadayn, also known as Kuno Gamadere or Mohamed Kuno, was confirmed to have been a target by the U.S. air strike, the Pentagon announced Wednesday. Though U.S. officials have yet to confirm his death, Abdirashid Janan, the security minister of Somalia’s Jubaland region, confirmed Kuno was dead in a press conference. Kuno had been a wanted man since he planned the attack which killed 148 Christian students at Garissa University in Kenya.

“We are confident that the removal from the terrorist network of this experienced al-Shabaab commander with extensive operational experience will disrupt near-term attack planning, potentially saving many innocent lives,” said Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook.

The Garissa Massacre, as the attack has come to be known, is al-Shabaab’s deadliest attack and brought the group international attention. Terrorist gunmen stormed the Kenyan school in April 2015, singling out Christian students and executing them immediately. Kuno was quickly found to be the man behind the attack, with the Kenyan government placing a $215,000 bounty on his head.




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