AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE: TX Governor Abbott Declares Joe Biden “In Violation of Constitution” for Open Border with Mexico

The lawless Biden regime is destroying the country very purposefully, one day at a time.
There is currently a crisis ignored by the fake news mainstream media that is killing the country.
A record number of illegal aliens are crossing into the United States on a monthly basis.
The number of illegals crossing into the US is likely the largest regime-approved migrant invasion in world history.
In September a record 227,347 illegal aliens were captured at the US border walking into the country across the open border.
So far, in 2022, there have been 2,378,944 apprehensions of illegal aliens at the border this year. It is an all-time record.

Hat Tip Sergio Tinoco
The year-end border report found nearly 2.4 million illegals were apprehended at the US southern border in fiscal year 2022.

On Monday Texas Governor Gregg Abbott sent a letter to Joe Biden warning him that his administration is in violation of the US Constitution for not securing the border with Mexico.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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