Arctic Sea Ice Stability Extends To 14 Years…Long-Term, Arctic Has Been Stable Since 1900!

Image: Surprise September Snow Covers Siglufjörður, Iceland

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By P Gosselin – No Tricks Zone

Arctic sea ice is not as unstable as alarmists like to claim it is.

This year saw the Arctic approaching a new record low minimum, and the alarmists began setting off the alarms with abandon. Yet the melt stabilized in late July, and a new record failed to materialize.

Chart: NSIDC Boulder

When looking back at the data since sea ice peaked in 1979, we realize that the overall trend for minimum September sea ice extent has flattened over the past 14 years:

Chart: NSIDC Boulder

Okhotsk Sea gaining

Next we look at the sea ice for the Okhotsk Sea, located between Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula on the east and the eastern Siberian coast to the west. Here we observe that the maximum sea ice reached each winter has surprisingly trended upwards over the past 16 years:

Data source: JMA

Though global sea ice has bee been relatively low, over the past decade, it has remained quite stable and thus defied all the alarmist predictions made earlier this century. Obviously natural factors are at work that are offsetting the alleged CO2 forcing.

Arctic sea ice stable since 1900

To keep things in their proper context, here’s what Arctic sea ice has been doing since 1900:

Nothing spectacular is really happening.


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