As Russia turns off the gas, can Germany stay warm this winter?

Energy and political specialists claim that Europe’s reliance on Russian gas looks to be waning, thereby reducing the possibility of more supply disruptions at a time when many worry that Russia may entirely halt deliveries over the winter.
Russia, long Europe’s main energy supplier, has seen its gas exports fall precipitously in recent months.
According to Economy Minister Robert Habeck, Germany cannot rely on Russia or the government-owned Gazprom as Europe faces a rising energy crisis as winter approaches.
In remarks to the media on Thursday in Berlin, he expressed skepticism about whether Russia would continue to supply natural gas and said he hadn’t spoken to Gazprom, which had shut down the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline for upkeep.

“There are no direct talks between my ministry and Gazprom,” Habeck said. “What I do expect is that we cannot rely in any way on Russia, or on Gazprom, the rest is pure speculation.”
Berlin is quickly acquiring floating gas storage terminals to supplement existing onshore facilities after scrambling to obtain alternative gas supply from producers such Qatar and Norway. Large businesses have already been instructed to conserve as much gas as they can over the summer and to get ready in case supplies have to be reduced over the winter in order to give priority to homes and hospitals.

Germany isn’t panicking

Germany might survive even a complete, immediate stoppage of Russian gas supply, according to a recent study by the Universities of Bonn and Cologne. Robert Habeck, the German minister of economy, holds the same opinion.
Despite substantially less tonnage coming from Russia, Habeck stated on Monday that “we have made more progress in filling the storage facilities than the law allows.”
German gas storage tanks are currently around 84% full. On November 1 of last year, the peak storage level was 72% as opposed to 99% on the same day in 2019.
The storage volume alone, according to the German government, would be sufficient to supply the nation with gas for two to three months of typical winter weather if the tanks were filled to capacity.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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