Australian Media – The Difference Between The Left And A Conservative

By Andrew Bolt ~

I am marvelling at the sight of journalists and politicians who once mocked  calls to cut immigration as extreme now suggesting the Turnbull Government may need to do just that.

The difference between a conservative “extremist” and a Leftist journalist is often just time.

Other once-shocking suggestions that are now adopted even by the Labor Party:

Turn back the boats.

There is a problem with Sudanese crime.

No to a carbon tax.

Work for the dole.

Add to the list.

Shocking today, but a platitude tomorrow:

Aboriginal culture needs changing, not preserving.

The “stolen generations” were exaggerated, to the danger of Aboriginal children today.

The tribalising of Australia is not healthy.

Mass immigration at these levels is threatening the cohesion we need, especially for a welfare state.

The new racism of the Left is dangerous and immoral.

The creation of so many ethnic ghettos is not healthy.



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