Basic Science For Climate Scientists

Image: Half Of Russia Buried In Snow

As the media has reported over the last few days, there’s not much warming going on despite the fact that humans continue to increase CO2 emissions. In fact, it looks like the solar physicists that has calcultated the sun is heading for a solar minimum, are more and more correct (however, historical facts can not be used as a 100% accurate prediction of what the sun will do in the future), totally disproving the “Green” Rent & Grant Seeking Community of Activists and Criminals (mostly Criminals) and their (Man Made) Global Warming Nonsense.

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In this video, Tony Heller is talking about “Greenhouse Gases” – I get why he is doing that, realists and real scientists sometimes has to use the language of low IQ., “Green” Rent & Grant Seeking Activists and Criminals (mostly Criminals) to get the message across.

In the real world, there’s no such things as “Greenhouse Gases” or “Greenhouse Effect” – The temperature potential of our atmosphere is given by gravity, pressure and mass, and “Water Vapor” has always been called “Latent Heat.”

R. J. L.

By Tony Heller

This video is a 20 minute course to teach climate scientists the basic science which many of them choose not to understand.


If the climate alarm was about science, facts, CO2 or the climate and a genuine concern, – the alarm would never have been started.

We can argue the science til the cows come home (those few who are left) but we will never get through to the “Green” Rent & Grant Seeking Community of Activists and Criminals (mostly Criminals) because, for them, it’s not about the science, facts, CO2 or the climate – at all.

It’s about politics, power and money.

And who would counterfeit data if it was about science??

The red line is FAKE! (In case that wasn’t clear)

The climate fraud is huge, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg of the left’s criminality.

“Political Corruption: Can the Swamp Be Drained?” – Kimberley Strassel



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