Biden at peace if he loses to Trump: “As long as I gave it my all”

Published July 6, 2023
President Biden indicated in an interview with ABC News Friday that he would be at peace if he lost to former President Trump “as long as I gave it my all.”Why it matters: Biden is under growing pressure to step aside as the Democratic nominee in the wake of his disastrous debate performance last week, especially given the stakes of a potential Trump second term.

  • Many Democrats believe Biden has been an excellent president — but that his refusal to give up power at his advantaged age could risk throwing the country into turmoil after November’s election.
  • His interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, broadcast Friday evening, is unlikely to quell those concerns.


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Published July 6, 2024
WashingtonCNN — President Joe Biden’s struggle to prove he’s got the strength and cognitive capacity for a second term is becoming an excruciating personal and national ordeal.

Watching a visibly aged Biden answer frank questions Friday about his health on primetime television – which would normally remain between a patient and their doctor – felt like an affront to presidential dignity. It was sad to see a person who’s respected and beloved by many Americans suffer such a plight. And it would be a hard heart that did not empathize with Biden as he confronts the painful human realities of aging in the most public manner imaginable.

Yet Biden’s position, his shocking presidential debate performance and his defiant refusal to contemplate its implications for his reelection campaign, mean he’s forcing the country to have the conversation.




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