Biden Border Crisis: 39 Dead After Fire Rips Through Mexican Migrant Center

The facility is located directly across the border from El Paso, Texas. 


A devastating fire ripped through a migration center near the US-Mexico border, claiming the lives of at least 39 people.

According to NBC News, the fire occurred at the National Migration Institute (INM) in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. INM released a statement and said the dead were “foreign migrants.”

INM said 39 had died so far, and another 29 were injured. Most people staying in the facility were from Central and South American countries, preparing to enter the US.


Mexican authorities have yet to release the cause of the fire. The incident comes as the Biden Administration ignited the worst border crisis in decades, if not in the country’s history, by removing deterrent-focused immigration policies and border enforcement tools.

The consequences of disastrous open border policies include death, drugs, and chaos, affecting not just border regions but also American cities.



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter
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