Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Bends Over Backwards to Defend China on Energy and Human Rights (VIDEO)

During a recent hearing, Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm bent over backwards to defend China, praising them for green energy investments, despite their terrible record on emissions.

She also claimed that America doesn’t have the moral authority to criticize China, despite their known human rights abuses.

Are you starting to get a sense that people on Biden’s team are compromised by China? At a certain point, what else is one to conclude?

Breitbart News reported:


Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Praises China — Again — for Being the Largest ‘Clean Energy’ Investor

Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm doubled down Thursday on her praise of China for being the world’s largest “clean energy” technology investor, despite it also being the world’s largest emitter of CO2.

During a House Appropriations Subcommittee hearing, Chief Deputy Whip Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) grilled Granholm about her comments on March 10, 2023, that “We can all learn from what China is doing” on the environment, and another remark saying that the U.S. did not have the moral authority to criticize China.

Reschenthaler asked Granholm if she was aware at that time that 30 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions came from China. Granholm responded, “Oh, yes.”

She also confirmed she was aware that China “emits more than the U.S., the entire E.U., and Japan combined”; that China brings two coal-fired power plants online per week; that China’s coal-fired plants generate 23 percent more energy than all the energy produced in the U.S. combined; and that the Paris Climate Agreement allows China to increase its emissions through 2030.

Reschenthaler then pressed Granholm, “Knowing that you knew all that when you made the comment, would you like to retract your praise for China?”

Granholm refused to retract her praise. “No, my praise for China was on what they are doing to invest in clean energy, even as they are the world’s largest emitter,” she said, adding, “They invest four times more than the United States.”



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter
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