Biden Threatening Oil Companies

Image: House of Cards: Wind & Solar ‘Transition’ Delivers Total Energy System Collapse

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Video: Tony Heller
Two years ago Joe Biden wanted to jail oil company executives for producing oil. Now he is threatening the same people for not producing enough

‘Catastrophe’: Tucker Carlson Slams Biden For Record-High Gas Prices

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Wrong focus!: What one single entity, country, company or person does or don’t do isn’t important, it’s the combined effort that will have an effect – on the economy, lifestyle and quality of life – NOT THE CLIMATE!! Everything will get worse for everybody, more people will starve and perish as the price of energy goes up. The result of the left’s willful loving policies. Remember who really cares, no – it’s not the left!!:

No more weather, now it’s all climate, i.e. it’s all FAKE!! Then again – everything by or from the left these days is FAKE!!:

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President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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