Bill McKibben is off the rails: ‘Use America’s defense budget to fight climate war’

We might as well get our own “bucket”, the bucket of STUPID!

From the “say anything to save the planet” department comes this wackadoodle idea fromWeepy Bill. I’m sure ISIS will get behind him to drain our defense budget fighting mostly intangible threats.

Described by the Boston Globe as “America’s most important environmentalist”, 350.orgfounder Bill McKibben says America’s defense budget must “be put to work defending us against the most dangerous adversaries we face” — climate change.


“It should be possible to build large quantities of solar panels and turbine blades, and it should be possible to put lots of people at work on good jobs doing that, okay? And it should be a huge priority, and if you think we don’t have the money then you’re not paying attention. We have things like the defense budget that need to be put to work defending us against the most dangerous adversaries we face. The conceit of that New Republic piece was that we are in fact already at war though we do not really recognize it. But, by all the measures that we normally count as warfare, that’s what’s going on. We’re losing territory day by day. People are being killed day by day in great numbers. There will probably be added to that death toll tonight someplace along the coast of Florida. We’re at war, we’re just not fighting back, and the time has come to do that, and it will take as the history of WWII shows, government leadership to make that happen. It will take a concentrated national effort and a concentrated international effort to make that happen. It won’t happen on its own, it requires leadership.”

Bill McKibben: The Hottest Fight in the Hottest Year – Oberlin College Oberlin, Ohio October 6, 2016

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