Bill Nye – The Science Fraud Guy

Image: Bill Nye, the science guy, says I convinced him that philosophy is not just a load of self-indulgent crap

All Bill Nye achieved was to prove he doesn’t understand science  ???

What is convection??

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Bill Nye is not a scientist, yet passes himself of as the science guy.

His defining experiment for proving the greenhouse effect is junk science. He took two glass jars, and filled one with CO2.

Then he put heat lamps over the two jars, which shone thermal radiation towards both jars.

At the end of the experiment, he claimed that the CO2 filled jar was hotter than the one without CO2, due to the CO2 absorbing the thermal radiation.

But Bill made a fatal mistake in his fake experiment. The theory behind the “greenhouse” effect is that shortwave (sunlight) radiation passes through glass, but longwave thermal radiation coming up from the ground does not pass through glass.

Nye’s experiment depended on thermal IR from the heat lamp passing into the glass chambers. But glass is opaque to thermal IR.

How Does a Greenhouse Work?

In a greenhouse, radiant energy passes through transparent material into an area where plants, soil and other objects absorb it. They then re-radiate that energy in the form of infrared heat. Because infrared has longer wavelengths, it cannot go out back through the material through which it came.

How Does a Greenhouse Work? | Sciencing

Most glass is effectively opaque to thermal IR. (This is another reason that thermal imaging cameras are expensive; they need lenses made of materials transparent to thermal IR: typically germanium or quartz are used.

Infrared Myths

Nye’s experiment to prove the greenhouse effect, fundamentally violated what he was trying to prove. The greenhouse effect made his experiment useless. Whatever Bill Nye did, it most likely wasn’t what he claimed he did.

h/t to Dr. William Happer at Princeton, for pointing out Bill Nye’s junk science.


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Redux: That Junk Experiment Demonstrating The Greenhouse Gas Theory

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Principia Scientific International (PSI) debunked this well-known ‘consensus science’ fake experiment in January. CO2isLife debunked a similar experiment done by Mythbusters: Climate “Science” on Trial; Confirmed Mythbusters Busted Practicing Science Sophistry

The truth is, this junk science is the ONLY empirical proof of the greenhouse gas theory.  The rest is all computer model make believe.Tony Heller over at Real Science has another debunking as well: Bill Nye – The Science Fraud Guy

The fact that this highly flawed experiment is done by multiple sources pretty much proves there are no real experiments for the climate alarmists to rely upon. If there was anything truthful to what they are saying, they wouldn’t have to rely on fake and flawed experiments and sophistry.

Why is this experiment so flawed?

  1. Glass is opaque to IR Radiation. What the thermometer is measuring isn’t CO2 warming, it is the glass warming. IR Photography requires lenses not made of glass. Remember, the GHG effect is trapping outgoing IR. IR never makes it through the glass to warm the CO2, instead, it is absorbed by and warms the glass. This is easily demonstrated in the lab or in front of a jury.
  2. CO2 and air have different specific heat and mass. CO2 has a specific heat of 0.846 and air has a specific heat of 1.005. One mole of air weights 29 grams, whereas CO2 weighs 44 grams. Because CO2’s greater mass more than compensates for the lower specific heat, the CO2 flask should have been COOLER. Something doesn’t pass the stink test here. This is easily demonstrated in a lab or in front of a jury.
  3. Bill Nye the Sophistry Guy shows two thermometers being used, but as the following photo demonstrates, the same thermometer is used to demonstrate both flasks. Note the smudged 8 in 38, the Dot below the 38, the scrape below 36 and the spot below the 36. The identical thermometer is being shown to represent both flasks. The photo-documentation provided by Bill Nye exposes his fraud.

Al Gore, Bill Nye and the Mythbusters have done this experiment to prove CO2 is the cause of atmospheric warming, but this experiment does no such thing. Congress should have Al Gore, Bill Nye and the Mythbusters repeat this same experiment using a jar that is transparent to LWIR between 13 and 18µ.

If the specific heat formula holds true, the CO2 flask should actually be COOLER than the one with plane air when equal amounts of heat are applied. Another way to do it would be to place the IR lamp in a sealed aquarium so the IR radiation doesn’t have to pass through glass.

The arrogance of the climate alarmists will be their downfall. As the recent trial in San Francisco demonstrates, climate alarmists believe they can say and do anything and people will just blindly accept what they say.

The experiment that Al Gore and Bill Nye popularized can be used against them. As long as all people see is the video intended to perpetuate the myth, they will believe in AGW.

Once, however, they take the time to truly understand it, the fraud becomes obvious and they lose all credibility. Congress needs to act to expose AGW as the fraud that it is, and Al Gore and Bill Nye have given them the opportunity to do so.

Once again, if the science truly supported the alarmist’s claims, they wouldn’t have to rely on sophistry over science. That alone is enough convincing for me and would be for most others as well. No one likes to be played the fool, and America is being played big time.

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100% Data Tampering

What kind of a problem would need FAKE and manipulated documentation?

Look at all these “Climate Agreements.” We continue to lose money, prosperity and freedom while the CO2 level continue to increase, when do we say enough??