Blacks NOW Robbing Beauty Supply Stores As Others Suffer Through Hurricane Harvey In Houston TX

Why is the main stream media not reporting blacks looting?


New Security Footage Shows Looters Robbing Houston Store Amid Historic Flooding

ABC13 Houston reports:

As the sun rose over Houston this morning, police went to work to rescue victims of the flash flood emergency that left thousands of people stuck inside their flooded homes.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo told GMA that officers completed more than 2,000 rescue missions this weekend after Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the central Texas coast.

Harvey, since downgraded to a tropical storm, dumped catastrophic amounts of rain on Houston beginning Saturday, leaving thousands of drivers stranded and many more homes flooded out.

“I’m happy to report we’re down to about 250 folks that are still waiting for rescues or locations,” Acevedo said. “We’ve made some great progress, and we’re just really grateful that despite the power of this storm, we haven’t had more loss of life.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported Sunday, an eyewitness named Isabel Torres uploaded a video to Facebook which shows looters making away with televisions.

The video shows two males carrying televisions over their heads. It is not clear which store the goods were stolen from.

Twitter user ‘VM’ located the strip mall where the theft took place.

Blue Lives Matter reports:

Houston PD Chief Art Acevedo has announced that Houston PD officers have arrested looters, but it’s not clear if the arrested looters are related to the people looting in the video.

The video, uploaded by Isabel Torres, shows people walking back and forth between vehicles and stores that have had the front doors broken in. Two young males could be seen walking away with TVs over their heads.

The exact location of the looting is not clear, but some of it is taking place in a Family Dollar store.

Houston area police has rescued an estimated 2,000 people so far from floodwaters, but a great many more still need help.

City officials are warning people not to flee to their attic, because they may become trapped and drown as the floodwaters rise. Instead people are being told to go to their roof and signal for help if they need rescue.



100% Data Tampering

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