BREAKING : Democrats “Russian Conspiracy Theory” Collapses

The Democrats have tried and tried, and tried again to create a narrative that Russia “hacked” our elections to help Trump win.

Mind you; there’s no evidence, facts, or proof to back up these claims.

On the contrary, there’s plenty of evidence, facts, and proof to prove otherwise, like Wikileaks editor in chief Jullian Assange stating repeatedly his source for the DNC and Podesta leaks was NOT Russian.

Regardless, the Democrats and our lying media continue pushing this fake news story as if it’s real.

However, now that the spotlight has shifted to Obama and his “wiretapping,” the tide has turned, and it looks like the Democrats “Russian conspiracy theory” has collapsed.

From Breitbart

Democrats’ efforts to raise suspicions about alleged — and, thus far, imaginary — links between President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government may have backfired spectacularly.

The spotlight is now on President Barack Obama and his administration’s alleged surveillance of the Trump campaign, as well as his aides’ reported efforts to spread damaging information about Trump throughout government agencies to facilitate later investigations and, possibly, leaks to the media.

On Sunday morning, the White House released a statement indicating that the president would ask the congressional committees investigating Russian hacking theories to add the question of “whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016.”

Media outlets continued to repeat that the story was based on “no evidence,” though the evidence was plain.

President Donald Trump originally tweeted about the alleged surveillance — which radio host Mark Levin called a “silent coup” by Obama staffers keen to undermine the new administration — on Saturday. Levin’s claims, reported at Breitbart News early Friday, were in turn based on information largely from mainstream outlets, including the New York Times and the Washington Post. Heat Street was one non-mainstream source, but the BBC also reported similar information in January. So, too, did the UK Guardian, which is a mainstream source (albeit with a decidedly left-wing slant, hardly favorable to Trump).

Even without Trump’s more sensational accusations of wiretapping, it is, so far, undisputed that there have been many leaks of classified information to damage Trump, and that the Obama administration took steps that could have made such leaks more likely. (Charles Krauthammer — who is skeptical of “deep state” theories — called this the “Revenge of the Losers” on Friday.) Those are serious allegations that the former administration is likely going to have to explain to Congress.

But if the Obama administration did order surveillance of the Trump campaign during the election; and if Obama or any other White House officials knew about it (or created a “plausible deniability” scheme to allow such surveillance while preventing themselves from knowing about it directly); then there is an even bigger problem.

It would then seem that the “Russia hacking” story was concocted not just to explain away an embarrassing election defeat, but to cover up the real scandal.


Wikileaks has released an expose showing that Obama has quite the history of wiretapping.


On Sunday, White House spokesman Sean Spicer called on Congress to investigate whether former President Barack Hussein Obama abused his executive branch power in regards to “investigating” President Trump leading up to the 2016 U.S. election.

Spicer’s request stems from the bombshell accusation President Trump unleashed on Obama, stating he had Trump Tower wiretapped.

President Trump’s accusations are confirmed by several sources.

From Washington Examiner

White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Sunday asked the congressional committees currently investigating Russian interference in the presidential election to also look into whether the Obama administration overstepped the law.

“Reports concerning potentially politically motivated investigations immediately ahead of the 2016 election are very troubling,” Spicer said in a statement. “President Trump is requesting that as part of their investigation into Russian activity, the congressional intelligence committees exercise their oversight authority to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016.”

Spicer added that neither the White House nor the president would be making additional comments “until such oversight is conducted.”

Spicer’s statement comes a day after Trump accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his campaign headquarters at Trump Tower in Manhattan last October.


Conclusion, as mention before: 

“It would then seem that the “Russia hacking” story was concocted not just to explain away an embarrassing election defeat, but to cover up the real scandal.”

.. smoke and mirror ..



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