BREAKING : Hillary Campaign Documents Expose She Wanted to Paint Obama as an Un-American Foreigner in 2008

Hillary Clinton was the ORIGINAL BIRTHER.

Her entire campaign strategy in 2008 was to paint Obama as an “un-American” foreigner as these leaked 2008 campaign documents prove.

The documents below are from her then campaign manager, Mark Penn:

hillary-birther-01hillary-birther-02In addition, Hillary’s 2008 campaign was accused of having “racist undertones” by the liberal media.
Some speculated Hillary and Bill were so racist that she had “ruined her relationship with black voters forever.”

See that video here.

Hillary was also the original “birther.”

The “birther” narrative helped to fortify the campaigns “un-American foreigner” narrative.

See that story here.

Hillary’s campaign is yet again in freefall, she’s facing another elimination and as a result, like 2008, she’s using whatever crazy narrative she can against Trump.

The issue with Hillary is everything she falsely accuses Trump of doing she’s actually guilty of.


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