California Permanent Drought

Image: The Lancet Makes False Climate Change Death Claims, Media Swallows Them

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The only (Man Made) Climate Change there is is the counterfeit, cooked and tortured temperature data we see coming from government “scientists” at NASA. So how can something that actually doesn’t exist case lower nutrition and increase toxicity?

This is just more dishonest climate porn for the ignorant “green” congregation of white, woke, whackos hyping the climate scam before the Glasgow climate fraud summit in November.

Notice, none of the participants at the Glasgow climate FRAUD meeting representing countries from around the globe has a mandate from its people to send billions of dollars to criminals.

There’s been no referendum anywhere about climate policies in any shape, form or duration, but they intend to agree to give away your money to criminals anyway, as an excuse they use climate.

Isn’t that nice!!?

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
Climate alarmism depends on an ignorance of history. If more people were aware of the past, they wouldn’t be susceptible to climate fearmongering

100% Data Tampering