China and Germany condemn Russian threat to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Xi Jinping tells Olaf Scholz of the need for greater cooperation during ‘times of change and turmoil’

Olaf Scholz and Xi Jinping both expressed their desire for the crisis to stop while denouncing Russia’s threat to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Although he refrained from criticizing Russia or urging the withdrawal of Russian troops, the Chinese president emphasized the need for greater cooperation between China and Germany in these “times of change and turmoil” and stated that both leaders “jointly oppose the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons.”


Scholz asks China to press Russia to end its war – BBC News

In his initial encounter with his Chinese counterpart, the German chancellor warned that if Russia utilized atomic weapons, it risked “crossing a line” in the world community.

The first G7 leader to visit China in three years, Scholz’s one-day visit on Friday was seen as a test of relations between Beijing and the west following years of rising tensions, observers say.


Scholz’s China trip: Xi Jinping urges Germany to resist grip of ideology on Berlin-Beijing ties | South China Morning Post (

According to observers, Scholz’s visit is being welcomed in China as the country’s leadership seeks to strengthen its ties with the outside world following years of seclusion due to the pandemic.

At a time when the German economy is struggling with inflation and an impending recession, which is partly caused by the energy crisis, Scholz was seeking to get more market access.

Scholz defended his controversial choice to fly to China with a group of industrial representatives, saying to journalists: “It is good and appropriate that I am in Beijing today.” He added that bilateral contacts were even more crucial during times of crisis, like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


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