China deploys aircraft carrier off Philippine coast amid tensions over South China Sea

PShandong, an aircraft carrier with a displacement of about 70,000 tonnes, was seen patrolling the waters of the Philippines.
Published July 1, 2024

Beijing: China has deployed its second aircraft carrier ‘Shandong’ which was spotted patrolling waters off the Philippine coast as Manila stepped up efforts to assert its claims over a shoal in the disputed South China Sea firmly opposing Beijing’s counterclaims.

Shandong, an aircraft carrier with a displacement of about 70,000 tonnes, was seen patrolling the waters of the Philippines which serves as a deterrence against “continuous Philippine provocations” on Chinese islands and reefs in the South China Sea, state-run Global Times media reported on Monday.

The aircraft carrier is likely on a scheduled exercise that could also prepare it for a potential far sea voyage into the West Pacific, it quoted Chinese experts as saying.

Shandong’s deployment comes after the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) deployed major surface combat ships, including large and medium destroyers as well as the main amphibious landing ship in the South China Sea as the maritime territorial conflict with Manila escalated.



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  • Shanghai-based MizarVision releases image of warship believed to be the Shandong off Luzon, a patrol that could become more frequent, analyst says

Published June 30, 2024

A Chinese aircraft carrier reportedly patrolled the waters off the Philippines in an operation that observers say was a message to Manila and Washington.

The aircraft carrier is widely believed to be the Shandong, China’s most advanced aircraft carrier in service.
It was detected sailing northwest from the Philippine island of Luzon in the South China Sea, according to a satellite image provided on Wednesday by MizarVision, a Shanghai-based technology and intelligence company.

European satellite Sentinel-1 also detected the aircraft carrier patrolling the waters on the same day.

According to Sentinel-2, an aircraft carrier last week left Sanya, Hainan province, the homeport of the Shandong carrier.

Neither the Chinese nor the Philippine defence ministry commented on the image. They also did not respond to requests from the Post for comment.




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