China posts 6-month high in infections despite COVID strategy

The world’s most populous country has pledged to stick to its hardline zero-COVID policy despite growing public frustration with it and its toll on the economy.
The number of new COVID-19 infections in China has reached its highest level in six months, just one day after health officials said that they would continue to implement strict coronavirus controls.
The National Health Commission reported that China registered 4,420 new locally transmitted COVID-19 infections on Saturday, the most since May 6 and an increase from 3,659 new local cases the day before.

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China said on Saturday that it would “unswervingly” stick to its zero-Covid policy, dampening the outlook for global markets following their recent surge on hopes that Beijing would cast aside some of its economically damaging virus curbs.

Nearly three years into the pandemic, China has maintained a zero-COVID strategy that entails lockdowns, quarantines, frequent testing, and a sharp decline in inbound travel, despite its case numbers being extremely low by global standards.
Health officials reaffirmed their dedication to using the “dynamic clearing” method to treat COVID cases as soon as they appear during a news conference on Saturday.

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China on Sunday reported its highest number of new COVID-19 infections in six months, a day after health officials said they were sticking with strict coronavirus curbs, likely disappointing recent investor hopes for an easing.

Hu Xiang, a disease control officer, remarked that China’s anti-COVID actions are “absolutely correct, as well as the most practical and efficient.” “We should uphold the value of putting people and their lives first, as well as the more general policy of avoiding both external imports and internal rebounds.”
The nation with the largest population in the world has promised to uphold its strict zero-COVID policy despite mounting public resentment over it and the harm it is doing to the economy.

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China will persist with “dynamic zero-Covid”, national health authorities said, despite rising public and local government pressure to move on from the costly and disruptive policy.

As much of the world struggles to cohabit with the virus, President Xi Jinping hasn’t said much other than to emphasize the wisdom of his stance, which has made China a global outlier.
Last week, speculation over a potential relaxing of COVID limitations and media stories about potential policy changes sent Chinese markets soaring.


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