China Testing Nukes? | North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un Dying? + CCP Virus & Climate

Image: The Most Stupid Claims About Climate Change & Covid-19

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Video: China Uncensored

China may be testing nuclear weapons and the US wants to know. CNN reports that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un may be dying. The Chinese Communist Party ramps up the attack on Hong Kong pro-democracy activists. That and more on this week’s China news headlines.


Respiratory Specialist: ALL Breathing Problems Now Labeled As COVID-19

The Models Were Wrong. Does Anyone Care?

By next Tuesday, the Wuhan coronavirus will have killed more Americans than the entire Vietnam War, a conflict that lasted YEARS… and deaths continue to climb by thousands per day

China: We Can’t Dismiss America as Coronavirus Origin Until U.S. Proves Otherwise

CNN’s Weir: Has Coronavirus Helped Buy Some Time on ‘Global Warming’?

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President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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