China’s large amphibious aircraft gains major progress

The first round of purchase agreements and the completion of crucial flight tests have significantly advanced China’s independently developed AG600 large amphibious aircraft, according to the developer’s Tuesday announcement.

According to the country’s top aircraft manufacturer, Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), the AG600M aircraft, a full-configuration firefighting model from the AG600 aircraft family, successfully completed crucial testing on Tuesday morning, including scooping and dropping water.


The AG600M aircraft, which was carrying 12 tonnes of water, took off at 10:05 a.m. from the ground runway at Zhanghe Airport in Jingmen, Hubei Province, in the center of China.


It successfully completed the flying tests of dropping airborne water, landing at a nearby reservoir, and scooping up water before taking off once more and dropping water over the target region.


The first batch of purchase agreements for four AG600M aircraft with Everbright Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and an intended buy agreement for two AG600M aircraft with HNCA Aviation Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. were both signed on the same day by AVIC General Huanan Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd.

The essential mission capabilities of the AG600 amphibious aircraft have been successfully validated with the conclusion of flight tests and the acquisition of purchase agreements, which might open the market, according to He Shengqiang, AVIC deputy general manager.


According to He, both significant actions demonstrated how China’s independently created aeronautical technology might support its emergency rescue capabilities.


The AG600, also known as Kunlong or water dragon in Chinese, is a crucial piece of aviation gear for China’s emergency-rescue system. It assists with crucial emergency rescue missions such as maritime search and rescue and fighting forest fires.

The AG600M was created primarily to put out forest fires. It can carry up to 12 tonnes of water, has a maximum takeoff weight of 60 tonnes, and has a 4,500 kilometre flight range. It can fly slowly at low height, allowing it to drop water more precisely over the fires.

The AG600M will next go to the airworthiness phase. The developer stated that other variations of the AG600 aircraft family are being created.


By moving forward, the AVIC pledges to maintain the nation’s emergency rescue system and to protect people’s lives and property.



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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