Climate Alarmism is Class Warfare

Image: Would the real climate change hypocrite please stand up!

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The left is bad at everything (except from rigging and stealing elections, actually, – they’re bad at that too +  remember they failed to steal the election in 2016 for #Hilloccio ..). The FAKE climate crisis argument was just supposed to make people accept the corruption, self dealings and cronyism (solar and wind BS!) so the few could make more (illegal) money. The left’s paid activists doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo, it’s totally enough now!

The climate crisis is not that kind of crisis that require we shut down the society, or make energy too expensive ..

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By Tom Slater – The Wentworth Report

Recently in England, environmental activists belonging to a group called “Insulate Britain”, an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, have blocked major highways. They demand that their policy prescriptions be adopted by the British government.

Every so often the mask slips and the class dynamics become crystal clear. That’s precisely what happened earlier today on Wandsworth Bridge in London. Members of Insulate Britain, the Extinction Rebellion offshoot now 11 days into its road-blocking campaign for double-glazing, were filmed being dragged out of the road by enraged working-class men who did what the authorities couldn’t and cleared the road of these Home Counties irritants.

‘It’s a fucking ambulance, you stupid prick, get out the road’, one furious motorist shouted, in one of the viral clips of the clash, as he and others dragged protesters out of the path of said ambulance.

It perfectly summed up the mix of fury and bemusement with which most people look upon Insulate Britain. By the Blackwall Tunnel, which IB was also blocking, a woman was filmed begging the protesters to let her through so she could get to her sick mother in hospital, slamming the assorted crusties for their selfishness.

That IB, XR or whatever this lot will call themselves next week, are dominated by middle-class people isn’t a slur — it’s an empirical fact. …

Those scuffles on the roads have beautifully illustrated what has been clear for some time: that eco-activism is essentially comfortably off middle-class people agitating to make ordinary people’s lives worse. Their mission flows from their tactics. They block a road and a load of people’s days are ruined. …

Time and again the tactics of XR et al reveal their class prejudice. Their activities almost always involve disrupting the lives of working-class people, whether they’re blocking roads or occupying meat markets, and putting them out of pocket. …

Climate alarmism is inherently opposed to the interests of working-class people, and more and more people are starting to clock this.

Bans on petrol and diesel cars might mean little if getting around for you means cycling around Stroud. But it means a hell of a lot if you drive for a living and rely on your car to get the kids to school. Fantasising about the end of the world is a luxury most people do not have. As the gilets jaunes used to say, the elites care about the end of the world, while everyone else worries about the end of the month.

Plus, the seemingly never-ending stories of green hypocrisy make clear that eco-austerity is only really for the plebs. The more that energy and travel are made more expensive, in an attempt to stem our movement and consumption, the more the good things in life will become the sole preserve of the wealthy, who will always be able to pay more, or find some moral justification for their flight to South America, or just write a big cheque to ‘offset’ their carbon.

Funny how it always comes down to money, and people trying to get rich off the latest scare. Also from Britain:

Topless Extinction Rebellion activist, 31, goes on hunger strike until Boris Johnson ‘addresses her group’s demands on climate change’. By William Cole.

Laura Amherst, 31, .. mum-of-one from Brighton, said that she felt it was important to do more for her child’s future, and that she was even ‘prepared to die’ for the cause. …

Laura, who has the nickname Climate Tits, has gained an online following for appearing topless at Extinction Rebellion marches.

She has also set up an OnlyFans page and pledge to donate 75 per cent of her earnings from the topless content to Extinction Rebellion, Greenpeace, and an animal rescue charity.

She expected to make around £18,000 last month on the page.

She’s more honest and direct than the XR mob, who are also after your money.

Climate activists play a long game. They pressure the government into spending more money on green stuff, which opens up several ways in which they stand to benefit financially, eventually:

  • They or their friends own or work for green companies that the government funds.
  • They or their friends get the new jobs in the green bureaucracies.
  • Team big government grows, and then hires from a certain class of person — i.e.. theirs. All the class pitches in to take every opportunity to grow government, and that growth hires people like them.

Notice that all these benefits are financed by taxpayers, whose money is taken by the threat of force and eventually transferred to these climate activists and their friends. It’s not voluntary. That’s an important moral difference.

We the people aren’t persuaded to voluntarily pay for the goods and services they provide; instead we are forced to finance a bunch of parasites whose work makes life worse for everyone else. The parasites furiously deny this, of course, and call everyone else “climate deniers.”


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