Climate alarmism is rampant and often wrong

Image: Sorry, EPA, Your Own Data Show Oceans Aren’t Becoming Acidic

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Video: Just The News

Democrats are bad at including people when they are messaging. Here we see another example of “greens” that failed to get the memo, because, as we know – Everything “green” is always just schemes for corruption, to enrich the donors, special interest groups (Sue & Settle), for kick backs and support. In short, to rob the US taxpayers:

Progressives lament: Where’s the beef in Biden’s climate-change plan?

EPA calls for comments on HFC phaseout for climate change protection

Rocket Science Debunks Climate Change Pseudoscience @Tim Dodd The Everyday Astronaut

Claim: The Climate Crisis is Not About Overpopulation, the Problem is Affluence

Ambitious Energy Goals Are Hurting European Businesses

Nightmare marathon: 21 dead after extreme cold upends 100-km cross-country race in China

CNBC: “War-Level Footing” Needed to Solve Climate Change

Headed for slavery, loss of our freedoms and eventually the iron fist of communism

Violent Late-Spring Snowstorm Blasts Scotland, Buries the Higher Elevations

Rare and Heavy Late-May Snowfall hits Kashmir, India and Kaghan, Pakistan

“Solar Flare Frenzy”– Impact Expected May 25

Decades of Failed “Tipping-Point” Prophesies

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