Climate Prediction Swings and Misses: A Decade of Alarmist Strike Outs, 2010-2019

Image: 50 Years of climate change prediction failures!

If the leftist “scientists” knew what they were talking about they wouldn’t be 100% wrong 100% of the time, nor would they need 102 “climate models”!

If CO2 causes warming, – more CO2 would result in more warming, it doesn’t. That is a fact they have known all along, why else would they counterfeit data?

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By The Heartland Institute

What follows are climate predictions forecast to come true during the 2010s – one for each year. A few timely missed predictions for 2020 are also added as a bonus feature.


Fear Mongering The Test Match

By Tony Heller

This video dismantles the baseless and dishonest fear mongering from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation about Australia’s biggest sporting event.


We’re All Going To Die In Four Days Time!


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