Clinton Campaign to Run Six-Figure Ad Buys in Michigan, New Mexico, Colorado, Virginia

With only seven days to go until Election Day, the Clinton campaign is spending six-figure sums in Michigan, New Mexico, Colorado, and Virginia in a last-ditch bid to secure supposedly “safe” blue states.

All four states are considered a lock for Democrats, but the FBI re-opening its criminal investigation of Clinton’s use of her illicit, homebrew email server while Secretary of State on Friday sent her campaign into a panic.

The Democrats are sitting on plenty of cash: Hillary’s campaign has $153 million on hand and raised $11.3 million online in the last three days. “The campaign will air new ads in Albuquerque and statewide in Michigan. In Colorado, the ads will run in the Denver, Grand Junction and Colorado Springs markets. And in Virginia, they will go up in the Richmond, Charlottesville and Roanoke markets,” the Washington Post reports.

Senior Trump communications advisor Jason Miller was also quick to say the new ad buys show Clinton is on the defensive.

“It’s notable that in the final week of this campaign it is actually the Clinton campaign being put on defense and being forced to start advertising in so-called ‘blue states’ to hold off Mr. Trump’s surge in the polls, including two states the Clinton campaign boasted of having put away months ago,” Miller told the Washington Post. “Not only is Mr. Trump well-positioned to win key battleground swing states like Florida, North Carolina and Ohio, but he is also well-positioned to win a number of states carried twice by President Obama as part of his effort to become a President for all Americans.”

Miller said Friday that the campaign’s internal polls show that Trump and Clinton are locked in a dead heat in New Mexico and Michigan. ““She’s campaigning in blue states, and we’re making a play in blue states. That gives you a sense of the energy and momentum in this race. We’re the ones on offense,” he told 77 WABC host Rita Cosby.

The campaign is sprinting into blue states in the final days of the election, Miller added.

Senior Trump advisor Boris Epshteyn said Saturday that polls are tightening in Virginia, and the campaign plans to rally in New Mexico in the coming days. “New Mexico is another state where we’re going to be doing stops,”  he said on Breitbart News Saturdayon SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125. “Wisconsin is a state where Clinton just put money in Wisconsin because she’s worried about it. The map is wide open for Republicans this time around and honestly not only are we going to win this thing, we have potential for a blowout in this election.”

A poll released by Emerson College on Tuesday shows Clinton leading Trump just outside of the 3.4 percent margin of error, with 49 percent of the 800 respondents backing her and 45 percent supporting Trump in a race that also includes third party candidates. Despite picking Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate, the Old Dominion’s 13 electoral votes aren’t securely in the Democrats’ camp.




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