CNBC Tears Down Elon Musk’s Snarky Response To A Coal CEO

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Before we get to the article at hand many might ask why we cover political and health issues when our main focus in the stock markets and the financial arena.  The short and simple answer is that all these fields are connected; we don’t have free market forces anymore. Everything is manipulated; from the food, you eat to data you are provided.

 If you are aware of this you can plan accordingly. Identifying the problem is over 80% of the solution and this is why most people don’t know what to do because they don’t really understand the problem. Now you know why we are the only financial website that covers such a wide array of topics that on the surface appear to be unrelated but are in fact, deeply interwoven.  Mass psychology is a very powerful tool and if employed correctly can help you spot the grotesque levels of manipulation the masses are subjected to. We strongly suggest that you view or read or view Plato’s allegory of the cave.  You might also find the following article to be of interest:

Nearly ten years after the housing crisis:

And banks are getting ready to offer what they call fewer doc loans, which is just a stepping stone to the no doc loan.  As we stated before banks need to put money into the hands of the masses so they can fuel the next bubble. A bubble needs mass participation and banks thrive of bubbles. Every bubble and bust cycle is created and masterminded by banks.  Banks never lose, they just pretend to, because they know they will be bailed out. The Fed is a private institute run and owned by the banks, so they have nothing to worry about.

“Lite Doc.” That is what Quontic Bank, an FDIC-insured community lender in New York City is calling its product. It requires only verification of employment and two months worth of bank statements. For self-employed borrowers, it requires documentation of one year of profit and losses. The Lite Doc loans are five-year adjustable-rate mortgages with interest rates in the low- to mid-5 percent range, according to the bank. Thirty-year fixed-rate loans, which when fully documented can offer rates in the high-3 percent range, are not part of the offering. Housing déjà vu-Banks ready to drain the Masses again

Market sentiment Analysis illustrates that Stock Markets and Economy almost never trend in unison

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Posted with permission from Daily Caller News Foundation

CNBC corrected Tesla CEO Elon Musk Monday after he falsely claimed in a tweet that the coal industry receives more government handouts than renewable energy companies.

Musk, who owns more than 20 percent of Tesla, tweeted out a response to comments made by Murray Energy CEO Robert E. Murray made on “Squawk Box” suggesting that Tesla “has gotten $2 billion from the taxpayer,” and “has not made a penny yet in cash flow.”

The government could shutter every single coal plant in the country, Murray added, and not see any discernible reduction in the Earth’s temperature.

Musk apparently didn’t take kindly to the inference that one of his companies is failing despite being recipients of heavy government subsidies, so he took to Twitter, and wrote: the “real fraud going on is denial of climate science.” He attached the video of Murray to the tweet.

Tesla receives far less in subsidies than the coal industry, Musk added, “How about we both go to zero?”

CNBC noted Musk’s claim, did a quick fact-check, and found that the renewable energy industry actually receives far more handouts than the coal industry.

Coal-dependent energy production received $1 billion in direct cash giveaways through federal programs, tax benefits, among other developmental loans in 2013, CNBC pointed out. It amounted about 6 percent of all such funding.

Green tech companies like Tesla and SolarCity, meanwhile, received more than $15 billion that same year in funding from the same programs – or nearly 72 percent of aid of that kind. Solar power attracted 35 percent of such largess. Musk chairs both companies.

CNBC cited numbers from data accumulated by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Murray wasn’t deriding Musk’s penchant for government subsidies – far from it. The coal CEO told the show’s host that he simply wants a cut of the action.

“Just as the government is supporting through the people’s taxes windmills and solar panels, they need to support the clean coal technology … We need a level playing field,” Murray said.

Still, he was correct. Neither SolarCity nor Tesla is a cash crop.

SolarCity is not looking so hot either. The bedraggled solar panel producer’s stock prices tumbled more than 60 percent during the past 12 months and lost $283 million during the first three months of 2016.

Meanwhile, Tesla was forced to sell off $2 billion worth of stock in May to help finance the production of the Model 3 electric vehicle as well as cover tax obligations for the options exercised by Musk. The company is breaking its hump trying to deliver the nearly 400,000 Model 3 vehicles on back order.

The California-based automaker will cough up roughly $1.4 billion in common stock to cover the expenses associated with the vehicle, and says it expects to raise a total of nearly $1.7 billion after fees, while Musk will receive the remaining portion, all of which will go toward covering the $5.5 million in stock options.


Comment: Why is Tesla shares still going up? Is it being heavily shorted?



100% Data Tampering

What kind of a problem would need FAKE and manipulated documentation?

Look at all these “Climate Agreements.” We continue to lose money, prosperity and freedom while the CO2 level continue to increase, when do we say enough??