Cold Scientific Fact: Earth Is Cooling Down

By Anthony Bright-Paul

Every object in the Universe that is radiating infra red is cooling down. Ergo the mighty Sun is cooling down as every molecule that is radiating infra red is also cooling down. The Earth also, this Planet on which we live, is radiating infrared, not so powerful as the infrared from the Sun, but powerful enough. Ergo the Earth ĺikewise is cooling down.

Who are the leaders, the first to declare that the Earth is exuding infrared?  Why, none other than those Warmists, who repeat ad nauseam that we are heating up. Their logic exists not.

Not only do they declare that there is man-made Global Warming, they also declare the cause. The cause for this Anthropogenic Global Warming is, according to them,  none other than the human Emissions of Carbon Dioxide that reside in the atmosphere.  According to them this minutely increased amount of Carbon Dioxide is also affecting the Climate systems,  bringing about the much vaunted man-made Climate Change.
Although the Warmists declare that this CO2 has now increased recently from 0.0325 of the atmosphere to 0.04%, they confirm this massive increase in terms of tonnage, creating a misleading impression in the process.
So let us examine their argument in a logical manner.
From this we can agree that the total weight of the atmosphere is approximately 5.3 million gigatonnes. By comparison the total weight of all the Carbon Dioxide is a mere 0.003 million gigatonnes. Compare those two figures and observe the green dot representing the total atmospheric Carbon Dioxide.
Next we pass on to the human contribution, which is agreed by both sides to be around 4% of the whole. So we arrive at a derisory figure of 0.000012 million gigatonnes of CO2 that is supposed to be warming the Planet and producing Climate Change.
That position is breathtakingly illogical. Since by itself all heat is flowing from hot to cold how is it that these mountebanks have, by means of relentless propaganda, managed to persuade a whole generation of their claims?
The trouble is that many renowned Physicists, both Warmist and Skeptic are unable to distinguish between warming up and cooling down.
Firstly how is heat generated, in a manner that conforms to the 1st law of Thermodynamics?  The first and most obvious way that  conforms to ‘work done’ is friction, rubbing two sticks together to produce fire. Once ancient man had learned how to produce fire, his whole life changed for the better. Even living in a cave he was able to keep warm. From combustion man was able to make horseshoes and all sorts of weapons of iron.
In more modern times  man discovered that producing an electric current against a resistance produced both light and heat. So heat can be generated in a number of ways, including compression, fusion and fission.
All these are active ways of generating heat. All substances have different heat capacities. It is clear for example that water retains its heat longer than air and that an ingot of steel will hold its heat longer than the same quantity of water.
Warmed objects radiate their heat away until equilibrium is arrived at with their surroundings. Sending that radiated heat back to its source can not make that source any warmer, but that’s not always well understood; that re-radiated heat is in fact “used heat” that does not have the same power as the “original heat” carried by the Sun’s radiation.
If the world did not receive its daily dose of radiation from the Sun, the Earth would gradually decline towards Absolute Zero, no matter how much Carbon Dioxide was in the atmosphere. So much for the man-made Global Warmers. As mankind froze to death surely they would begin again to worship the Sun, one time source of heat and light.


100% Data Tampering

What kind of a problem would need FAKE and manipulated documentation?

Look at all these “Climate Agreements.” We continue to lose money, prosperity and freedom while the CO2 level continue to increase, when do we say enough??