COP27 Scams (Part 1)

Image: Are woke money managers ignoring enviro/social guidance violations in China?

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Would you trust these people?

How many predictions have the alarmists gotten right? After decades of gloom and doom, toxic oceans, dead forests, dead corals, both acid rain and acid oceans, rising sea, end of snow, end of oil, overpopulation, stravation and death by heat and extreme weather.

How many of these have they gotten right?

To be precise, the right answer is exactly – Wait for it: ZERO!!

They have in fact gotten everything wrong, 100% wrong! That’s not even a joke, it’s literally 100% wrong!!

And now they are going to have another of these Climate FRAUD meetings in Egypt. They do not care if they have gotten EVERYTHING wrong, why??

Because it is not about facts, climate, weather, science or saving the environment, or people (communists don’t care about things like that), it’s not even about CO2 – It’s only about MONEY!!

Yes, these communists do like power also, they love power, but without money …

As CO2 is rising, temperature should also rise according to the alarmists adopted narrative, but of course, they were wrong about that too – something that set off an avalanche of excuses after the temperature failed to rise for between 18 – 26 years. We ended up with 66 excuses ..

Clearly this was never about science!

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
The United Nations is holding their 27th annual meeting where they pretend they are reducing CO2 emissions and saving the planet

Still true:

100% Data Tampering