Creepy uncle Biden: That’s what he does in public, imagine the handsy nightmare in private ..

Image: Solomon – Joe Biden’s 2020 Ukrainian Nightmare: A Closed Probe Is Revived

I believe most people are decent, honest and only wants what’s best for themselves and others. What the Democrats say and what much of their political platform say is very easy to both understand and to agree to, and many does.

But here’s the problem, – it’s not what they actually mean.

As people climb in the political system their exposure to corruption increases, and if you set out with an alternative, hidden agenda, lying to your voters in order to get elected, the likelihood of you lasting without continuing to lie is microscopic.

Especially in the Democratic party where power (and money) is the absolut paramount goal.

Low morality and corruption is normal in the Democratic party, crimes are being swept under the rug (for now) and tolerated by other Democrats as an insurance policy, securing mutual destruction if exposed, or, when it’s election time, leak the stories to their (just as corrupt) friends in the left-leaning media. This Biden-story serve as a good axample, but it also shows who’s got dirt on who (Biden obviously got dirt on for example Pelosi, like it was a secret she is corrupt).

Orchestrated take down ..

Hannity: Joe Biden facing backlash for being creepy

Former Vice President Joe Biden face two separate accusations of inappropriate behavior. Video: Fox News


Second Woman Accuses Joe Biden Of #MeToo

Former Vice President Joe Biden is in hot water over past interactions with women. Video: Daily Caller


Normally i wouldn’t care about smelling hair and touching shoulders. But if this had been a conservative, the same leftists that now are defending creepy Joe would have demanded that he’d be punished, not only him, only his fater, grand father and great grandfather (i exaggerate for effect, so you’ll understand how out of wack leftists would have been in their FAKE morally outrage and hypocrisy.)

So, give him the same medicine a conservative would have recieved!


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