Davos: ‘deranged, hypocritical and elitist farce’

Image: More Climate Science Backtracking: “A Warming Arctic Drove Earth Into The Little Ice Age”

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Video: Andrew Bolt
Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is a ‘deranged, hypocritical and elitist farce.’ He says the forum has become a ‘joke’ and the world is ‘laughing’ at them.

What happen if people are allowed free speech?

You failed because you don’t understand:

The temperature potential in the atmosphere is dictated by pressure, mass and gravity, nothing else! Water vapor, cloud cover, ocean currents etc. are only modulating factors. CO2 is not even on the list, mainly because of convection, but also because CO2 is actually “destroying” energy by very, very effectively diluting the energy through dispersion.

If CO2 was able to make anything warmer we would for example have thermos made with CO2 as a component.

Yeah right! 😂 Socialists discussing “science.” Let me guess, it would go something like this, Bill: “The other day a drop of rain came down so I want everybody (except me, of course, doh!) to eat garbage, I ensure you, complete coincidental, that I now produce ..”


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