“Decades Ahead Of Model Predictions”

Image: UN COP 26: More outstanding theater in Glasgow

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“.. The study comes as the world focuses on the impact of climate change at the COP26 conference in Glasgow from 31 October ..”

Of course it did, i.e. FAKE!

Let’s use logic: When did people stop tolerate heat and why was only the kidneys affected?

And why does this warming, that has to be very local because global temperature data doesn’t see any global temperature rise, has to be “climate change” (they mean Man Made Global Warming but due to lack of warming they changed the name to “climate change”).

When we use the terms correctly; (Man Made) Global Warming due to our emissions of plant food (CO2) causes local temperature rise that only affected 7,4% of the hospitalisations for renal disease ..

See, then it suddenly became illogical and ridiculous!

There’s no local (Man Made) Global Warming due to plant food (CO2) because plant food (CO2) is a well mixed gas in the atmosphere and if it leads to heating at one place it has to lead to close to the same trend of heating over time most all other palces too.

But we do not see that in the measured data, we don’t even see that in NASA’s counterfeit data.

The study is, like I said above FAKE and just another example of PAL-rewieved nonsense that is constatly flowing out of the camp of the “GreenRent & Grant Seeking Climate Fraudsters, aimed at keeping the money coming, to be precise, to keep your money flowing into the accounts of these fraudsters.

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
More shameless lies from the world’s leading climate fraudster

True to traditions, also this year’s climate FRAUD meeting has been labelled “our last chance” – yes, the climate fraudsters are that stupid!!

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